Over the last 18 years, I’ve written & produced live segments and tape packages for broadcast and digital video & audio platforms.

I’m an experienced producer who just finished launching Signal Tonight at NBC News. Signal is  NBC News’ new OTT news network and Signal Tonight is the flagship show that airs Thursdays at 7pm ET on and the NBC News app.

Leading up to the launch of Signal Tonight, I pitched, wrote and produced several pilots for NBC News digital including Space Is Awesome, Everything You Need To Know & Esports Inside The World Of Competitive Gaming mini-doc. These pilots were to test out different formats for the nightly show we were building.

Over the course of developing Signal Tonight, I created NBC News Briefly. Briefly is a 3-5 minute newscast that will air every hour on leading up to our live broadcast. Briefly gets you caught up on the biggest headlines that may not be featured on cable news.


Latest episode of Signal Tonight:


Signal Tonight Pilot


It’s the longest total lunar eclipse of the century and we’ve got you covered. Join Simone Boyce and a panel of scientists as they celebrate totality in real time, explore the future of space travel, and show you just why space is truly awesome.


Astronomy is full of female rockstars you’ve probably never heard of. NBC News wanted to know what it’s like to hold it down in astrophysics when you’re often the only woman in the room. So, we went to Princeton University, home of to one of the top astrophysics programs in the nation to find out.

This was an original field package produced for our NBC News Special: Space Is Awesome: Lunar Eclipse 2018.

You can view the entire program here:

It was streamed live on, Facebook and YouTube.

Most recently I produced a variety of different types of video for The Huffington Post. Some of the most trafficked videos during my tenure were our short form videos for HuffPost Video. Here is a sizzle reel of some of our most popular videos.

These greenroom videos were created for our Facebook page and to use as interstitials for HuffPost Live to help buy time in between segments that may have run short.

I also supervised our celebrity and entertainment segments for HuffPost Live. Here are some of the highlights and newsworthy moments that we had on HuffPost Live.

Avengers Review for ABC’s World News Now

Golden Globes Recap Segment for ABC’s World News Now

Insomniac Playlist

Created, developed and produced new music segment for ABC’s World News Now. DJ Ben Harvey breaks down what’s hot this fall and whether Carley Rae Jepsen was a one hit wonder.

ABC World News Now 20 Years: Best Moments

Produced and edited this segment combining archived clips from 20 years of WNN.

NFL regular season picks competition

I produced 2 segments each week that had our anchors and a producer pick NFL game winners for fun. I would edit NFL highlights together for both segments, work with graphics for the picks and run the segment from the control room. Sometimes the segment would run long if we pre-taped the segment and would have to cut the segment down before air.